Groove Sharpener Spin The Ball Like a Pro
  • Iron Groover with clip

    $19.95 $17.95
    This groove sharpener restores the bite of the grooves on your wedge.  Giving you more spin and control.  Regain the consistency and confidence you enjoyed when your grooves were new!!!

    The Iron Groover is the ultimate tool for your U or square grooves.  This tool is made of the finest quality tool grade steel.  Both ends of this tool are square shaped.

    This Iron Groover is the made by

    The Iron Groover tool will fit in the plastic molded hande that is engraved

    The Iron Groover and Groove Sharpener tools are excactly the same but the Iron Groover tool has a hole and doesn't have any engraving.

    Instructions on how to use this tool will be included with your order.