Groove Sharpener Spin The Ball Like a Pro


Most new wedges will help you stop a ball quickly. But independent tests show that after 100 or more shots with two-piece balls, traditional wedge grooves suffer a significant loss of stopping power and back spin.  

Sharpening your golf club grooves is like servicing your car, you simply must do it. The tools from will save you hundreds of dollars while helping you make better shots! What else could you ask for? 

Our tools restore the bite of the grooves on your wedges giving you more spin and accuracy. Why more spin? It's simple physics my friends. On longer shots more spin results in higher, longer ball flight and softer landings on the greens. With shorter pitch shots a ball with more spin will "check up" and stop giving you more control.

If you are buying a used set of irons you should also purchase a Groove Sharpener.  With the Groove Sharpener you will sharpen your old grooves back to life.  Buy your used set of irons with confidence knowing you will have sharp grooves soon. 

Have you ever stopped and wondered why the top golfers can stop the ball so well on the greens ? Their skill is obviously the main reason - however if they were playing with golf club grooves that were beat up and caved in like most amateur players golf club grooves are, then they would not find it so easy! 


These are the Worlds #1 Golf Groove Sharpeners and they have a handle specially designed to make regrooving your irons and wedges easier than any other regrooving tool on the market.

The great thing about the handle is that its removable.  Most people that use these tools love keeping them in their pocket as they golf.

All our tools made by are GUARANTEED to satisfy all our customers.

All our tools are made of a heat treated tool steel which measures a hardness of 64 Rockwell.  There is no other tool on the market made of this type of material or measures that high on the Rockwell scale.

All our tools have two cutting ends.  There are tools on the market that only have 1 end but sell for the same price.  With our tools you get twice the tool.

We at are constantly trying to improve the tools in any way possible. To make it not only work better, but to be easier for anyone to use.